Inspire their sense of adventure and expand their imagination.

[Space, science, storytelling, role-play, crafts, fiesta and more!]

Summer is around the corner, and in Dubai, this means the start of the indoor season. If you’re staying in town for the summer and you have children, the most important thing on your mind right now is…how do I keep them busy? Worry not!

Sit back and relax, because the Kids First Group Universe opens up to a series of summer camps that are guaranteed to stimulate fun and creativity… These camps are held at multiple locations anddd they are super flexible with timings too!

These experts focus on holistic learning, play and growth including sensory stimulation with messy play, social development with group activities, physical exercise, music and dance, STEAM and science investigations, culinary explorations, imagination and fantasy play, language development, and experiential adventures.

Across the 5 nursery brands, every single one is unique, with its own theme, activities, entertainment, and learning opportunities, specially designed and curated by experienced educators…AKA Learning truly becomes fun here!


5. Redwood Montessori Nursery: Back To The Future

This summer, campers will dive into a captivating mix of brain-boosting academic learning and lively social skills development, all wrapped up in a whirlwind of thrilling themes. They’ll blast off into Space Exploration, unearth secrets in Dinosaur Discovery, and embark on quests in Medieval Fantasy. From meeting Early Explorers and Inventors to creating masterpieces inspired by Renaissance Art and Inventions, each day is a new journey. They’ll traverse the 20th Century Across the Globe, marvel at Modern-day Wonders, and set their sights on Futuristic Adventures, including a thrilling Mission to Mars.

It’s the ultimate summer escapade, where every camper becomes a hero in their own time-travelling saga!

When? July 1 to 28 August
Where? Dubai: Al Furjan, Jumeirah Park, Garhoud, The Palm Jumeirah | Abu Dhabi: Shams Boutik, Yas Island, Al Mushrif, Khalifa City,Reem Island, Al Bateen, Al Saadiyat Island
Time? 8 am to 5 pm
Age? 3 months to 6 years
Call 800REDWOOD or Book your spot here!

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4. Odyssey Nursery: Explore On The Island Of Odyssey

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure that keeps your child engaged, blending non-stop fun with valuable life skills. This season, campers are set to dive into a whirlwind of exhilarating activities and crucial social development, promising a summer they’ll never forget. From Messy Play Adventure with treasure hunts and pirate sensory play to grooving with Harmonious Rhythms, and dancing through a Tropical Fiesta, every day is packed with excitement. They’ll explore the mysteries of the deep in Science Investigations: Ocean Habitats, get creative with Sensory Play, Soap and Water, and Stone Art, witness a fiery Volcano Experiment, join the lively Pirates Parade, and even meet a real-life Mermaid! Dive in for an unforgettable eight-week escapade!

When? July 1 to 28 August
Where? Dubai: Umm Suqeim 2, Jumeirah, Living Legends, Jumeirah Beach Residences, Meydan, Sheikh Zayed Road | Abu Dhabi: Khalifa City, Mushrif, Al Zeina, Al Muneera, Saadiyat, West Yas
Time? 8 am to 6 pm
Age? 45 days to 6 years
Call 800-ODYCHILD Or Book your spot here!

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3. Redwood Center of Excellence: Carnival Magic & Storytelling

A season packed with exhilarating activities and essential social skill-building that promise a lifetime of joy and learning. Campers are in for a sensational journey, packed with thrilling themes for the next eight weeks! They’ll explore a Sensory Carnival, experience a whimsical walk-through wonderland, and tackle exciting challenges in Carnival Games with a STEM twist. They’ll be mesmerized by a captivating Bubble Show, spellbound by a Magic Show, and delighted as they bounce, slide, and climb in a Bouncy Castle. Stories come alive in our Library Storytelling sessions, and imagination runs wild with our enchanting Puppet Show. Wrap it all up with a lively Summer Music and Dance extravaganza, and you’ve got a summer bursting with carnival magic!

When? July 1 to 28 August
Where? Al Barsha 2
Time? 8 am to 6 pm
Age? 45 days to 6 years
Call 800CHILD or Book your spot here!

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2. Children’s Oasis Nursery: A Window to the World

Dive into a summer full of wonder and excitement as your child embarks on an adventure of play-based learning and discovery. They’ll master the art of martial arts, bond with adorable animals at the petting zoo, and embark on a culinary journey in tasting and cooking classes. The magic doesn’t stop there—they’ll also explore the enchanting world of music, discovering new instruments and creating melodies. Give them the best summer camp experience, where every day is a new chapter in a world of fun and exploration.

When? July 1 to 28 August
Where? Umm Suqeim 2
Time? 8 am to 5 pm
Age? Up to age 6
Call 800CHILDREN Or Book your spot here!

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1. Willow Children’s Nursery: Wacky Scientists

Designed for endless fun and is a stepping stone to lifelong learning! Campers will dive into a captivating mix of scientific exploration and essential social skills development. Over the next eight weeks, they’ll embark on a series of exciting themes that blend discovery with creativity.

They’ll marvel at Mirror Magic, exploring reflections and symmetry with mirrors, and experience the Magic of Seeds, planting and nurturing their own green wonders. Campers will become little scientists in Sink or Float, testing objects to see if they sink or float, and they’ll whip up delicious treats while learning about freezing in Homemade Ice Cream. The fun continues with Fizzy Moon, where they’ll create sparkling reactions using paint and baking soda, and they’ll unleash their inner musicians in Xylophones, making enchanting tunes with water-filled cups. Get ready for a summer packed with adventure and learning!

When? July 1 to 28 August
Where? Umm Suqeim, ONE Central DWTC, Dubai Marina
Time? 8 am to 5 pm
Age? 4 months to 6 years
Call 800WILLOW Or Book your spot here!

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Important deets:

1. Flexible days and timing: summer camps go on until 5 or 6 pm and you can book weekly. No monthly commitment to suit your travel dates
2. There are over 15 locations across Dubai, so driving isn’t an issue at ALL!
3. Food is included: checking another worry off your list!
4. Age: they go up to age 6 and even 7!
5. Your child doesn’t need to be from the nursery, non-nursery kids are welcome!
6. Your older school child can join their younger nursery sibling and they can attend together, adding a new experience for both

At Kids First Group, they’ve been doing this for 13 years. All you have to do is enrol your child, and they will take care of the rest!

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