marhaba Lounge

Dubai International – Terminal 3 Concourse A

Marhaba Lounge CA

A welcome reprieve from the hustle and bustle of Dubai International Airport, this spacious lounge is a relaxing place to unwind before a flight. Occupying a light and airy space in Terminal 3, the well-appointed Marhaba Lounge offers a high level of comfort, free Wi-Fi, shower facilities subject to payment and is open all hours.


Terminal 3 Concourse A. Airside – Departure Level, West End. The lounge is located between Gates A2 and A3. Emirates and codeshare Qantas flights.


7/24 Sunday
7/24 Monday
7/24 Tuesday
7/24 Wednesday
7/24 Thursday
7/24 Friday
7/24 Saturday


Conditions of entry

Maximum 3 hour stay • Ticketed passengers only • Family rooms available • Separate children’s play area available

Additional information

Shower facilities are subject to payment and usage is restricted to 30 minutes.




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