Star-Studded Event Raises Awareness and Funds

In a heartwarming display of solidarity, the Dubai Gala hosted by The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon at the Coca-Cola Arena brought together A-list celebrities to support the noble cause. The event was a resounding success, drawing attention to the important work being done by the center.

Special Guest Lucas Trad Steals the Show

Among the esteemed guests was Lucas Trad, a courageous 10-year-old cancer survivor who captured the hearts of all attendees. His presence at the gala served as a poignant reminder of the importance of supporting children battling cancer.

Maya Diab’s Inspirational Words

Lebanese singer Maya Diab shared words of wisdom with Lucas on the red carpet, offering him words of encouragement and strength. Her heartfelt message resonated with all present, highlighting the power of resilience and hope in the face of adversity.

Razane Jammal Named Ambassador for CCC of Lebanon

In a significant announcement, actress Razane Jammal was appointed as the ambassador for the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon. Her commitment to raising awareness and funds for the center will undoubtedly make a positive impact on the lives of young cancer patients.

Star-Studded Performances and Heartfelt Moments

The gala featured captivating performances by renowned artists from Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and beyond, including Siilawy, Nora Fatehi, Saif Nabeel, Anthony Adonis, and Maya Diab. The evening was filled with touching moments and inspiring stories, showcasing the unwavering support for children battling cancer.

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