Dubai’s about to get even more awesome!

Sure, rent’s still sky-high (let’s all chant “lower rent” together), but… there are many more fab aspects coming your way! Think women-only beaches, more night swimming spots, and much more…

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BIG things are coming for Dubai residents

Dubai’s Crown Prince just kicked off the Dubai Quality of Life Strategy 2033, aiming to make Dubai the ULTIMATE place to live. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed gave the thumbs up for this ambitious plan, set to roll out in three phases from 2024 to 2033. Looks like Dubai might be the envy of cities worldwide…

What can you expect?

The list is long, but here’s a few of the major projects. Dubai residents are about to be spoiled.

  • Everyone can snag their essentials within a 20-minute journey
  • Over 1,000 events will happen yearly—sports, culture, arts, you name it
  • 200 parks will be built up left and right
  • Hold onto your flip-flops, beach cyclists—tracks are expanding by a whopping 300%
  • Night owls… this will make you HAPPY—night swimming beaches are getting a 60% boost
  • Ladies, there’s even exclusive beach spots just for you (a dream come true)
  • Dubai’s outskirts? They’re in for a glow-up too
  • & the most important bit… Dubai’s turning into a walkable, eco-friendly, family paradise!
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Buckle up for this one!

So, we’ve been hearing you loud and clear under our post. Lower rent, sky-high prices, free healthcare and education, pet-friendly spots, and traffic—yep, sounds like the Dubai wish list, right? Well, good news! They’re already tackling that traffic beast head-on. RTA announced and have been already working on reducing 50% off travel time with 14 road upgrades.

Now, as for the rest, hey, never say never, right? In Dubai, expect the unexpected—maybe tomorrow we’ll wake up to rent discounts, free pet clinics, and who knows, maybe even unicorns roaming the streets…

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