In Dubai, shawarma is an emotion. We dared to step into dangerous territory by attempting to rank them.

If you’ve been in Dubai for even 5 minutes, someone must have thrust a warm, comforting roll into your hands. Sensational on the mouth, easy on the wallet….the shawarma is a meal you can never get tired of

So here is a list of the best shawarma Dubai residents have tasted. Try them all before you judge them!

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10. Latakia House bringing the best of Syria to Dubai

This resto is bringing the Syrian taste to Dubai. Their shawarma have a lot of love- by which I mean garlic sauce, and they’ve also created some unique fusions- check out the Mexican shawarma and the Italian shawarma!

Where? 268 Oud Metha Rd – Oud Metha – Dubai

Time? 12 pm to 2 am

Price? starts from AED 17

Reservations: 0508599635 | 045484552

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9. If Al Ijaza is good enough for Faz3, it’s good enough for us

Back in 2016, the Crown Prince of Dubai discovered Al Ijaza as a tiny spot in Jumeirah that started in 1990. Today they’ve expanded far and wide- they just opened a branch in Al Khawaneej too! The hype is not just for their shawarma, but also the Hassan Mathar and their very special Fazza milkshake…or should I say, milk sheikh?

Where? Al Khawaneej, Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah 1, and more

Price? Below AED 10

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8. Al Safadi for the authentic Lebanese shawarma

Al Safadi have proudly claimed to be “mastering Lebanese Dining Since 2000.” From humble beginnings on the Al Rigga Road in Old Dubai, Al Safadi has grown with the city to serve an eclectic mix of international business leaders, financiers, government officials, and tourists from all corners of the earth!

Where? Umm al Sheif, Rigga, Dubai Motor City, The Pointe Palm Jumeirah, Sheikh Zayed Road

Price? AED 10 to AED 23 based on choice of filling

Al Safadi shawarma

7. Zeit w Lamoon for some of that Egyptian goodness

Discover Egypt through the eyes of Zeit W Lamoon. Established in 2021, Zeit W Lamoon means “Oil And Lemon,”- an authentic Egyptian mixture used to spice up the Fava Beans dish (Foul Medammes). This shawarma has been hailed by quite a few as the spot for authentic Egyptian rolls that take you back home!

Where? City Centre Measem, IMPZ

Price? Starting at AED 14

Zeit w Lamoon shawarma

6. The Mitzumami food truck has been getting rave reviews

This food truck does not kid about their shawarma. Truffle, Musakhan- their flavours can be pretty bougie! Plus, they launch exciting collabs all the time. Although you might do a double take at the prices…several reviews say they are absolutely worth it!

Where? Barsha South, Dubai

Price? AED 41+

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5. A 20-inch shawarma awaits at Sultan Al Arab

That’s a large roll of happiness just for you! This resto went pretty their viral for their 20-inch shawarma (that’s 8 shawarma put together!). We’re all so excited about a restaurant that finally understands the kinda quantity we need!

Where? Al Barsha, Al Qusais

Price? AED 18 for the large one- but they have smaller sizes!

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4. Reintroduce yourself to shawarma at Halla Shawarma

They rose to fame with an iconic AED 5 shawarma to celebrate the opening of their 5th store. Since then, Halla Shawarma has captured taste buds and hearts alike. They call themselves ‘Dubai’s coolest and tastiest shawarma hangout spot’ and no one has disputed this claim yet!

Where? Al Khawaneej, BurJuman, Al Warqa, Al Qusais (Coming soon to Motor City!)

Price? Starts at AED 7

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3. OG Dubai kids would discredit this list if it didn’t include Al Mallah

The cornerstone of Al Satwa, Al Mallah carries the fame of its flavour far and wide. They’re known for their good vibes and authentic Lebanese goodness. It’s hard to miss- I mean, who doesn’t stop by Al Mallah for a quick bite? that’s literally protocol!

Where? Al Dhiyafa Road, Satwa

Price? AED 10

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2. Laffah. ’nuff said.

Starting out as a small restaurant in Al Qasba – Sharjah, these Syrian sandwiches quickly became popular for their deliciousness. Today, Laffah has eight branches in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman, providing unparalleled service and a taste that transports you to another world.

Where? Abu Hail, Al Barsha, BurJuman

Price? AED 9 onwards

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1. Strawberry Corner

It’s this little corner shop that seems to have bagged the most number of votes! Strawberry Corner is an underdog in the Al Murraqabat area that seems to be getting a lot of attention for their shawarma. In many ways, this spot seems to have captured the essence of a good shawarma- a tiny store with a vague name, on the side of the street, Shawarma meat on public display, easy on the wallet, and ofcourse…plenty of karak to wash it down!

Where? The Deira branch has been the most recommended

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